Xten Ergonomics

Xten was designed to be the most ergonomically correct office chair in the world. 

Certified by ERGOCERT, Europe's standard for ergonomic engineering.

Dynamic Synchronized Tilting
movement is the most advanced ever utilized for positional seating. Both the back and the seat adjust independently of one another at complementing angles. “Synchronized tilting” maintains proper back position and posture when reclining by automatically moving the fulcrum point of the seat.

Lumbar support is adjustable to the height of the person.  This eliminates the unpleasant “bump against the back” sensation present in many chairs that offer lumbar support. Lumbar support can be slid up or down to align perfectly with the appropriate area of the back.

Adjustable Headrest for the height of the person. Adjusts up or down with 8 positions.