Xten Design

EVERYTHING about Xten is revolutionary.

SEATING TECHNOLOGY: Technogel®, developed by Bayer Leverkausen, that forms to the contour of the body and reduces seating pressure and fatigue by over 60%.  Technogel® was originally developed to provide long term hospital patients with a comfortable material to rest upon, when no movement was possible for extended periods. On the Xten, this creates another technology for the most ergonomic office chair available.

Technogel® evenly distributes body weight across the seat for the most comfortable seating experience in the world. 

SEATING SURFACE: Dynatec fabric utilized by Olympic athletes for durability, comfort, coolness and range of motion; the first time used in a seat. Dynatec pulls moisture away from the body and transports it to the fabric surface - where it evaporates and leaves you comfortable and cool. The unique material hugs and forms around the body to ensure absolute comfort.

Not only one of the most comfortable materials in the world, but the style sets it apart from anything!