Ares Xten Pininfarina Office Chair - Silver & Aluminum

FREE SHIPPING on the world's finest office chair! The extraordinary Xten Designed by Pininfarina, the esteemed Italian design firm. Everything about Xten is revolutionary. SEATING SURFACE: Dynatec fabric utilized by Olympic athletes for durability, comfort, coolness and range of motion; the first time used in a seat. SEATING TECHNOLOGY: Technogel®, developed by Bayer Leverkausen, that forms to the contour of the body and reduces seating pressure and fatigue by over 60%. SEATING SUPPORT: Lumbar support is adjustable to the height of the person, as is the independent headrest. SEATING COMFORT: Armtronic® system is revolutionary in its 70mm movement to any precise position that fits any size of person or any degree of comfort in arm adjustability. The arms float at the touch of a button. SEATING CONTROL: Dynamic Synchronized Tilting movement is the most advanced ever utilized for positional seating. Both the back and the seat adjust independently of one another at complementing angles. SEATING MATERIALS: Polished aluminum or high tech graphite composition. SEATING COLORS: Four, among them the famous Ferrari Red and Maserati Blue. SEATING PRODUCTION: The Xten is manufactured by Ares near Venice, Italy.
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